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As a real estate buyer, there is tremendous opportunity in San Jose for finding deals if you look past curb appeal. It is widely known that improving the curb appeal on a house can get earn a seller an extra $10K-$20K+. This also means that there is an opportunity for home buyers to save $10K-$20K+ when purchasing a house with less curb appeal.



When looking for a house with less curb appeal this does not mean to look for a run down house. It means to find a house that with a very small amount of work or money can be greatly improved. By looking for a house with less curb appeal and improving it, you can afford a house more expensive then you would be able to afford otherwise, and you can gain instant equity in your new home.


Look for homes that need paint. Paint is very cheap and can make a huge difference on the inside and outside of homes. An unpainted house will typically not be as desirable to buyers as a well painted home, so there is an opportunity to get a good deal.

Find a home with a messy yard. The yard can have a huge impact on the curb appeal of a house. Houses with large untrimmed bushes, dead trees, unmanicured yards, or junk in the yard will greatly lower the perceived value of the home. Yard work is also very inexpensive to fix, and can add a lot of instant equity to a new home. Carpeting and window treatments are also fairly cheap, and can make a huge difference in curb appeal.



Old porches may mean an opportunity to make a gain. Very often porches and decks become damaged, rotted, or start sagging badly. A porch on the front of the house that is badly damaged can make the whole house appear unsound, when actually porches have no bearing on the structural integrity of the house. The porch can have such a negative impact on the way the house appears that it can lower the value sometimes by more then $20,000. Talk to a contractor and you may find that the porch may be fixed for a couple hundred dollars or completely rebuilt for a couple thousand dollars. This is a great chance to get a good deal on a house.


There are some things that you should avoid unless you are looking to do a total remodel project. Items that you may want to avoid are problems with the windows, electrical systems, plumbing systems, foundations, chimneys, roofs, or floors. Be sure to have a trustworthy inspection who will alert you of any more serious problems.



If you want to locate a really great deal and are willing to do a little work, look beyond the curb appeal. If you find a house that is less then appealing in San Jose, but structurally sound, you may have found a hidden treasure.


The major component that will make a deal and transaction good is the finances. The right loan with the specific terms and needs should be applied. The right interest rate should be a part of this transaction. You should feel like you got the best deal on your home or property. The seller should feel like they made some profit and the experience should be a win/win.



Tom Merigan's professional expertise and friendly personal service have made him a highly sought after real estate professional in Saratoga. Tom is uniquely familiar with the area. His helpful nature and first hand knowledge will answer the important questions real estate buyers and sellers need in their journey toward buying or selling San Jose Real Estate.

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